All Results for All Timed Events are Available and Posted at Run Signup!

Just use your cell phone camera to scan the QR Code. Go to the link that appears on your phone after you have taken the picture. From there, you can either enter your name or bib number and it will open up to the page with your race results.

You can also visit this link to See All Timed Event Results.

We certainly were blessed yesterday with a perfect day! The weather, the temps, the people, the turnout, and the beautiful location were all in our favor.

Thank you to all of you who supported our 13th Annual Run for the Hills at the lovely Hidden Lake Gardens. Whether you participated in one of the events, supported a participant, or served as a volunteer or a sponsor, we appreciate and thank you!

Special thanks to Chuck, Michelle, and Luke, our Run Signup Partners at Michigan Running Foundation. We appreciate their assistance and patience with us as we learn the new and awesome processes.