Who are Oh These Irish Hills!?

Our Mission

Oh These Irish Hills! is a non-profit organization formed in the late summer of 2004 with the stated purpose of advancing an Irish Hills legacy that involves area individuals, groups and organizations in activities that celebrate the beauty of the place, the spirit of its people and the progression of its history.

Who are Oh These Irish Hills!Our History…

Who are Oh These Irish Hills!?
Geographically, the Irish Hills is an area in the minds of the people who live and work there. There are no formal aspects or boundaries. The area covers four counties and various municipalities. Our adage is “If you think you are in the Irish Hills, then you are”.

Bob Kellum’s conceptual idea of a renewed Irish Hills was formed. The Irish Hills used to be a dynamic place and now it is in need of attention. What and how will we resurrect the area?

Bob began to talk with the area people and organizations. People were called to attend a meeting and the organization was formed in August, 2004.

The organization began thinking of the Irish Hills and agreed that if we could do something to make it more inviting then it would become an area where people would come and bring their children. Thus the Irish Hills spirit would continue to live on.